Attention: Young Songwriters!

One of our major goals when we started this business was to make The Flower City Ballroom a hub for the arts on the Central Coast, and to give artists opportunities that may not be afforded to them at other venues. To that end, we will feature periodic showcases of local young songwriters, pairing them up with a more established acts so that they can further hone their craft, and giving them a stage to perform their material and build their audience. If you are a singer/songwriter or musical duo age 16-25, and would like to get in on one of these events, please fill out the form below. A select few will be given a 10-15 minute set on each Young Songwriters Showcase. We are only looking for original material on this one, so this is a chance to show our audience what you’ve got! Performers who impress us will be offered paid, full bookings on future shows.