Lighting and Backline

Several promoters and bands have asked us about our lighting setup, and what kind of backline we provide. We hope that this list answers these questions. As our venue grows, we will provide additional backline and lights, and will update this list as new items become available.

Stage Lighting

  • Basic Stage “Can” Lighting (Overhead, Stage Side, and Foot Lights) (RGB, Stationary)
  • Center-Stage Spotlight
  • Video Screen
  • We Also Have an Array of Sound-Reactive Effects Lights On Our Dance Floor

Stage Equipment

  • 1 Wireless Vocal Mic
  • 4 Wired Vocal Mics
  • 2 Boom-Style Mic Stands
  • 2 Straight-Style Mic Stands
  • 3 Passive DI Boxes
  • Cables, Cables, and More Cables


  • House Speaker System (2 Powered Subs, 2 Powered Stage Cabinets, 2 Back House Cabinets w/ Amp)
  • 2 Stage Monitors
  • We can provide a four-channel stereo stage mixer for bands that use acoustic or synth instruments, require phantom power, or need a pre-mix before piping into the house system. This system is also good for DJ shows with multiple DJs working from different sets of turntables.

When considering our venue for your event, it is important to understand the scope and scale of our business. We are a mid-sized venue, existing somewhere between a small club and a large concert hall. We started this business with the intent for it to be a place where local artists could perform on the same stage as more established touring artists. We are bigger than your local bar where bands play, but not as big as – for example – The Majestic Ventura Theater.

Our Stage

Our stage is approximately 300 square feet. For larger bands, it can be expanded with three 4’x8′ modular stage sections. The modular stages are about half the height of our main stage, and have a single two-stair riser to navigate between the two sections. The modular stages can be set up straight across the front of the stage, or in a “T” configuration, to give them a “catwalk” look.

Our dance floor is 2000 square feet. Our maximum capacity is 250 people, not counting staff and talent. Our green room has a maximum capacity of 27 people. All of this should be taken into consideration when looking at our space and budgeting/booking your event.

Suggested Stage Layout

The Flower City Ballroom provides one static stage lighting configuration per performance. If promoters or performers want a dynamic stage lighting configuration, they will need to provide their own lighting technician to work the board. We have a few trusted techs that we can recommend.

If performers or promoters wish to bring in their own lighting, or additional lights to add to our existing setup, we have a lot of power around the stage and dance floor. You are more than welcome to bring your own lights and effects to your show. The only thing we can’t do, per the city, is indoor smoke or pyro. Also, no glitter, as it’s a pain to clean up. Paper confetti is fine, though.

We do not provide guitar or bass amps/cabs at this time. We also do not supply any musical instruments. Performers will need to bring their own tools to the job.

It’s fine with us if performers want to plug their entire rig into our house system; but if they are playing through amps/cabs, that should be more than enough to fill the house with sound. Kit drums don’t even technically need to be mic’ed up, unless the drummer really wants to and is providing their own microphones. Our standard configuration for a rock band would be to have them run their electric bass and electric guitars through their own amps/cabs; and run the vocal mics, keyboards and acoustic instruments into the house system. This is, of course, merely a suggestion.